Round'up + (2013)
Sonia Willi
et composé conjointement par Berthold Brecht et Kurt Weil
Autonomies in Progress (2008)

If I Had a Hammer

  • Workshop led by Victor Gauthier-Martin

"If I Had a Hammer" is microsystème’s second production workshop.
In response to an invitation from Blanc-Mesnil’s CCAS [community action centre] and GRAJAR [young adolescent research and assistance group], microsystème offered this workshop in the fall of 2008 to a diverse public that included retired individuals and young adults accompanied by social workers, all invited to share perspectives of their city: to recall an emotion linked to a spot in the city, to retrace an old route, to explore new trajectories and cross paths with a stranger, to stray from one’s habitual path, to muse over our relationship to the city and draw a map of a common, historical, urbanistic, economic Blanc-Mesnil...activities that were all part of the project “If I Had a Hammer” whose results were presented in January 2009 at the Forum in Blanc-Mesnil.

photo © Sylvain Duffard
Microsystème is in residence at the Theatre de Chelles.