La mort est une maladie dont nos enfants guériront (2018)
de Victor Gauthier Martin, Clémence Barbier, Youness Anzane
de Vcitor Gauthier Martin, Guillaume Barbot et Philippe Awat
Sous la glace (2015)
by Falk Richter
L'enfant Roi (2014)
By Clémence Barbier
ROUND'UP (2012)

Ecriture scénique collective : Victor Gauthier-Martin, Clémence Barbier, Maïa Sandoz
Docteur Faustus (2010)
By Christopher Marlowe
The Face Washer (2009)
By Fabrice Melquiot
Genoa / US (2008)
By Fausto Paravidino
Genoa 01 (2007)
By Fausto Paravidino
Timon of Athens (2005)
By William Shakespeare
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man (2004)
By Fédor Dostoïevski
the Kitchen (1996)


  • Text montage and staging : Victor Gauthier-Martin
  • Cast : Clémence Barbier, Pascale Oudot or Alban Aumard for the tour in January / February 2010
    Dramaturgy : Youness Anzane / Organs : Séverine Thiébault / Images : Victor Gauthier-Martin / Cutting : Gaëtan Besnard / Production manager : Juliette Roels
    microsysteme would like to thank Alban Aumard and Gregoire Avenel for their help for the movie.

“109” is a playful exploration inspired by a special report entitled “Why do we want to be perfect people?” that appeared in Courrier International.
A text montage juxtaposing newspaper articles and philosophical novels, the show deals with our fascination with science and the fantasies it generates, as well as its consequences, through the phenomena of plastic surgery, organ trafficking, medication misuse, transhumanism, and immortality.

“109” is a travelling show; it was presented in autumn 2008 by the Forum in Blanc-Mesnil in apartments, cultural and community centres, and municipal halls…

Created in November 2008 at the Forum (Blanc-Mesnil)
Production : microsystème in residency in The Forum (Blanc-Mesnil)
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photo © Greg Avenel
Microsystème is in residence at the Theatre de Chelles.