La mort est une maladie dont nos enfants guériront (2018)
de Victor Gauthier Martin, Clémence Barbier, Youness Anzane
de Vcitor Gauthier Martin, Guillaume Barbot et Philippe Awat
Sous la glace (2015)
by Falk Richter
L'enfant Roi (2014)
By Clémence Barbier
ROUND'UP (2012)

Ecriture scénique collective : Victor Gauthier-Martin, Clémence Barbier, Maïa Sandoz
Docteur Faustus (2010)
By Christopher Marlowe
109 (2008)
Text montage and staging : Victor Gauthier-Martin
Genoa / US (2008)
By Fausto Paravidino
Genoa 01 (2007)
By Fausto Paravidino
Timon of Athens (2005)
By William Shakespeare
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man (2004)
By Fédor Dostoïevski
the Kitchen (1996)

The Face Washer

  • By Fabrice Melquiot
  • Staging : Victor Gauthier-Martin
  • Cast : Alban Aumard
    Lighting : Pierre Leblanc / Video : Victor Gauthier-Martin and Gaëtan Besnard / Photographs - Diaporama : Sylvain Duffard / Car : Romain Rosier / Production manager : Juliette Roels

While washing his car, Samuel Simorgh suddenly finds that he has washed himself of his past. He embarks on a second life, and discovers what his previous career in finance never allowed him to see.

The play is a voyage of discovery – a discovery of others and of the self. Like a return to infancy, Samuel Simorgh swims in the troubled waters of dreams. For the first time he is able to open his eyes to what’s around him.

The Face Washer is an apt allegory of a world that wants to move ever faster in order to be ever more efficient.

Performance created 5 February 2009 at the Forum (Blanc-Mesnil)
Executive Production: microsystème
Coproduction: Le Forum Scène conventionnée de Blanc-Mesnil. Supported by Aéromulti-Services
L'Arche is publisher and agent of this text.
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photo © G. Avenel
Microsystème is in residence at the Theatre de Chelles.