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The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

  • By Fédor Dostoïevski
  • Translator : André Markowicz
  • Staging : Victor Gauthier-Martin
  • Cast : Régis Royer and Dayan Korolic
    Dramaturgical consultant : Youness Anzane / Video : Quentin Descourtis / Original music : Dayan Korolic / Lights : Pierre Leblanc / Production manager : Juliette Roels

How does one preach in a world gone deaf?

Published in 1876, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man is one of Dostoevsky’s last works, a tale that delves into the world of a man who becomes clear-sighted. Life has become unbearable to him; it is no longer worth living. He decides to shoot himself in the head, but just as he is about to do so, he falls asleep on his couch and has a dream. When he awakes, he is as if transformed by a revelation, charged with a mission: to spread the knowledge that humankind can be reborn, and live life with one’s back turned to fate.

I did not want to treat the dream of this (ridiculous?) man in its purely fabular dimension, but instead as a forgotten truth; as a political utopia, like that envisioned by Martin Luther King. A lucid vision, not a dream. Whether missionary doubled as politician, self-psychoanalysed loner, or eccentric, delusional madman: he seems to cross barriers as well as eras in order to share his story and let everyone share in his convictions.

Dostoevsky’s preacher, now a hacker, decides to use every channel of communication and every bit of show business machinery – using all weapons at his disposal – to saturate the information highway in his fight against an empire that organises, standardises, pre-thinks, formats, and digests everything that we are.

Victor Gauthier-Martin

Created on December 2004 at the Comédie de Reims during the Festival Scène Ouverte
Executive Production : microsystème
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photo © Greg Avenel
Microsystème is in residence at the Theatre de Chelles.