La mort est une maladie dont nos enfants guériront (2018)
de Victor Gauthier Martin, Clémence Barbier, Youness Anzane
de Vcitor Gauthier Martin, Guillaume Barbot et Philippe Awat
Sous la glace (2015)
by Falk Richter
L'enfant Roi (2014)
By Clémence Barbier
ROUND'UP (2012)

Ecriture scénique collective : Victor Gauthier-Martin, Clémence Barbier, Maïa Sandoz
Docteur Faustus (2010)
By Christopher Marlowe
The Face Washer (2009)
By Fabrice Melquiot
109 (2008)
Text montage and staging : Victor Gauthier-Martin
Genoa / US (2008)
By Fausto Paravidino
Genoa 01 (2007)
By Fausto Paravidino
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man (2004)
By Fédor Dostoïevski
the Kitchen (1996)

Timon of Athens

  • By William Shakespeare
  • Translator : André Markowicz
  • Staging : Victor Gauthier-Martin
  • Cast : Alban Aumard, Clémence Barbier, Marion Bottollier, Gaëlle Hausermann, Sara Louis, David Martins, Régis Royer, Pascal Sangla, Alexandre Steiger, Julia Vidit.
    And in the movie : Dominique Valadié and Philippe Bianco, filmed by Alain Guillon. With Jean Paul Roussillon's voice
    Set design : Yves Collet with the collaboration of Michel Bruguière / Lights : Pierre Leblanc / Choreography : Marion Lévy / Original music : Dayan Korolic / Video : Quentin Descourtis / Costumes : Angela Seraline / Thanks to Matthieu Baranger / Production contact for microsystème : Juliette Roels

William Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens, written not long after Hamlet, traces the life of a man in search of the absolute. Timon, a wealthy Athenian, disrupts the order of things in the city by sharing his immense fortune with merchants, flatterers, reprobates, and artists…thus imposing his own utopian notion of relations and exchanges between people. Timon has the means to play out his dreams, but his logic is twisted: it jams the social machine, jeopardising traditional bourgeois and religious values; it paves the way for chaos – devaluation, depreciation…money and power are doled out like handshakes. Events accelerate around him, and his ruin is soon complete; his exploits in the art of living outside of all conventions have proved a failure.
Is it pride? Humility? Provocation? Does he forge ahead a hounded man or an inspired one? Timon lives out his human contradictions fully, and holds up a mirror in which we can look at ourselves and understand that it is as difficult to give as it is to receive.
Behind Timon’s inflated generosity looms the shadow of a financial crash, the collapse of a system, a nightmare where money no longer has value: what will all these flatterers and reprobates do then – what will we do?
Timon sees himself in the hollow vanity of a world where lies espouse the utopian ideal, all the better to betray it. In the end, he is bankrupt, wounded, and abandoned by all, yet he never ceases thinking like a philosopher and acting like a madman – as mad as a true sage.

Victor Gauthier-Martin

Created 24 February 2005 at the Comédie de Reims
Executive production: the Comédie de Reims Centre Dramatique National de Champagne-Ardenne
Coproduction : the Comédie de Caen, Centre dramatique national de Normandie, the Troisième Œil theatre company, and the DRAC Ile de France Co-realisation : Théâtre de l’Aquarium Supported by the Jeune Théâtre National
Text published by Solitaires Intempestifs
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photo © Alain Hatat
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