La mort est une maladie dont nos enfants guériront (2018)
de Victor Gauthier Martin, Clémence Barbier, Youness Anzane
de Vcitor Gauthier Martin, Guillaume Barbot et Philippe Awat
Sous la glace (2015)
by Falk Richter
L'enfant Roi (2014)
By Clémence Barbier
ROUND'UP (2012)

Ecriture scénique collective : Victor Gauthier-Martin, Clémence Barbier, Maïa Sandoz
Docteur Faustus (2010)
By Christopher Marlowe
The Face Washer (2009)
By Fabrice Melquiot
109 (2008)
Text montage and staging : Victor Gauthier-Martin
Genoa 01 (2007)
By Fausto Paravidino
Timon of Athens (2005)
By William Shakespeare
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man (2004)
By Fédor Dostoïevski
the Kitchen (1996)

Genoa / US

  • By Fausto Paravidino
  • Translator : Philippe Di Meo
  • Staging : Victor Gauthier-Martin
  • Cast : Erica Berg, Craig Mac Arthur Dolezel, Erika Latta, Thimothy Reynolds and Clémence Barbier
    Dramaturgy : Youness Anzane, Plastician : Laurent Le Bourhis
    Production manager : Juliette Roels

In the fall of 2007, Victor Gauthier-Martin staged Gênes 01 in France. The show was created in October at the Comédie de Reims (under the direction of Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota) and then presented at the Théâtre National de la Colline (direction Alain Françon), before going on tour.

The Genoa project was born from this first production, from a desire to continue the discussion surrounding this case of police blunder, and, more generally, to explore the state of our Western democracies and their potential decline, in a show with key figures from abroad, in new, rather non-theatrical spaces. The project falls in line with the various Gênes 01 staged throughout the world, and aims for a possible updating through a renewed approach to the text and to the questions that it asks. Given the geopolitical context of Fausto Paravidino’s play, it seemed appropriate to situate the work within the context of the countries that make up the G8.

Genoa / US was the first phase of the Genoa project. It took place in April 2008 at the Watermill Center in the Hamptons, not far from New York City.

Founded by Robert Wilson, the Watermill Center hosts American and foreign artists in work residencies that last three to four weeks; the artists are selected based on their creative projects. Over three weeks, Victor Gauthier-Martin worked on his text Gênes 01 with four American actors, a French actress and a dramaturge both present during the development of the show in France, and a designer.

The workshop created the opportunity to carry out cross-disciplinary experiences: to submit the earlier, francophone experience to another language, to an establishment that includes an outside space, and to collaboration with a designer.

Two presentations of the work were held before an audience. The first concluded our residence at the Watermill Center. The second took place at Chez Bushwick, in New York (Brooklyn), a space led by Jonah Bokaer, former member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and partner structure for the project.

Created in April 2008 at the Watermill Center (U.S.A.)
) Coproduction : microsystème, Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation
With the support of the cultural services of the French Embassy and Chez Bushwick
voir la galerie photo
photo © Microsystème
Microsystème is in residence at the Theatre de Chelles.